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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Happy December and The Science of Snowmaking

Happy December!   Wisp Resort and the Deep Creek Lake Area have seen a few cold spells and flurries of snow which means Winter is near. Our Mountain Operations Team is poised to begin snowmaking as soon as the weather conditions are just right. There are many factors that go into the Science of Snowmaking. We asked our Director of Mountain Operations, Artie Speicher, to give us a quick tutorial on what it takes to turn on the guns.  "We make snow based on what is called a 'wet bulb' which is a combination of ambient temperature and humidity.  For example: 32 degrees with 100 percent humidity would be a 32 wet bulb; 32 degrees with 90 percent humidity would be 31 wet bulb.  Roughly, for every 10 percent of humidity drop, the wet bulb temperature will drop one degree.  Wisp's snowmaking system ideally needs a 26 or lower wet bulb to have any real production," he stated.  Another major factor to add into the mix is wind.  The direction and speed of wind can greatly impact snowmaking operations.  Artie finished by adding, "starting next Thursday night, December 8, good snowmaking temperatures should be consistent enough and we plan to hit it hard if the forecast holds true."  Once snowmaking begins, the Mountain Ops Team will be seen all over the mountain and in the control room of the Pumphouse.  

While you uncover your skis and snowboards for the upcoming season, consider treating them to a tune up from The Tuning Center at Wisp Resort.  It's essentially a spa for your gear!  Clean sharp edges.  Fresh coat of wax.  Check and adjust on bindings.  Your well tuned equipment will treat you better on-snow!  Bring your equipment by The Tuning Center located on the lower level of the McHenry Lodge.

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April 2, 2018

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