If you've ever wondered what it would be like to soar among the trees, then have we got a surprise for you! The Flying Squirrel Canopy is the first challenge course canopy tour of its kind in the Deep Creek Lake area offering amazing tree-top views, agility challenges and 5 breathtaking zips from 180 feet to over 400 feet!

Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour at Wisp Resort

Your Flying Squirrel experience begins with a ride up the Bear Claw Conveyor Carpet.  After unloading, you'll begin the practice / training segment of the tour where you will learn to clip in and out, get comfortable in your harness and acclimate yourself to take flight!  Scurrying up the Cargo Net is the first challenge you'll face.  Once secured on the first platform, a 195-foot zip will send you to the next challenge - a Burma Bridge.  Navigate this 3-point rope bridge carefully to the next platform and prepare for the next zip which is approximately 153 feet.  Catch your breath and get ready to walk the plank - the Plank Bridge that is.  Once across, the next zip will transport you to the highest point of the course at approximately 50 feet high!  Views of Deep Creek Lake will appear in the distance and you'll face the longest of 2 zips in the tour that span 400 feet across the tubing hill into a thicket of pine trees.  Next you'll zip back across and land on the final stage, the 30-foot high Guard's Tower.  From here you will take the Leap of Faith back down to solid ground to complete the Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour at Wisp Resort!

Flying Squirrel Canopy Tour:  $59 pp

  • Approximately 1.5 hour experience
  • 8 people in a group plus 2 guides (1 lead & 1 sweep)
  • Minimum age:       10 years old
  • Minimum weight:   70 lbs
  • Maximum weight:  250 lbs
  • Signed waiver.  Guests under 18 years of age need a parent or guardian signature

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The Canopy Tour is designed to provide a physical and mental challenge to an active participant. The individual participant moves through the course largely based on his or her own stamina and strength. This test of strength, conditioning, and skill is meant to build confidence and fitness.

The Canopy Tour is not an amusement attraction and is not under the jurisdiction of the State of Maryland DLLR

The Staff of the Canopy Tour are not medically qualified and are not in a position to assess the capacity of participants to undertake this adventure. It remains your responsibility to undertake your own risk assessment.

Health Requirements

  • People with heart, leg, back or shoulder problems, diabetes, seizure disorders, or other serious illness should not participate
  • Pregnant women should not participate
  • Guests with anaphylactic reactions requiring self administered epinephrine must carry their Epi pen
  • Guests with asthma requiring an inhaler must carry their inhaler.
  • The canopy tour is a physically demanding activity and participants must be physically fit.

*All information provided on this page is tentative and subject to change without notice.  Features, lengths and times are approximate and may change.