Escape Games

at Wisp Resort

What is an Escape Game

An Escape Game is a reality game where players are put in a room and must use teamwork and problem solving to complete puzzles with clues, hints and strategy to ‘escape’ the room in a set amount of time.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or mathematician to play – just communicate, work together and have FUN!

Wisp Escape Games offers two distinctly different games both located on the lower level of the McHenry Lodge.


Wisp Escape Games Rate
New - Pirates of Deep Creek $199/room (up to 10 ppl)
Detention Breakout $199/room (up to 10 ppl)

Pirates of Deep Creek

A pirate ship sailed up the Youghiogheny River to kidnap mountain man Meshach Browning because he knows the secret to a hidden treasure.  While being held captive, Meshach got a message out to your group. “Help!  I’ve been kidnapped by pirates & I’m being held captive on their ship.  Rescue me and I’ll lead you to their treasure.”

Your job is to sneak onto the pirate ship & follow the clues that lead you to mountain man Meshach.  Once you’ve rescued him, he’ll help lead you to the hidden treasure.


Detention Breakout

Reminiscent of the 1985 film The Breakfast Club, your group is spending Saturday at in-school detention.  Your detention supervisor, Mr. Vernon, has left for his lunch hour.  Mr. Vernon isn’t interested in spending the rest of his Saturday in detention either so he’s issued your group a challenge:  Prove you’re not a bunch of delinquents by working together as a team and escaping the detention room.  Use your combined brain-power and if you’re successful, Mr. Vernon will consider your detention obligation complete!


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