Mountain Adventures

At Wisp

Mountain Coaster

The Mountain Coaster at Wisp Resort is a gravitational hybrid of an Alpine Slide and a Roller Coaster boasting a 1,300-foot uphill track while twisting, turning, dipping and rolling for 3,500 feet downhill over 350 vertical feet on the eastern side of Wisp Mountain. Guests ride in ‘coaster carts,’ and regulate their own speed with a set of handbrakes on the side of each cart. A centrifugal braking system restricts the coaster cart’s downhill speed at approximately 28 mph.


Once aboard the coaster cart, a motorized pulley carries the cart uphill while the rider relaxes and takes in views of Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County below.  As the cart crests the track and the rider releases the automatic-brakes, gravity pulls the cart into the first turn among the woods of Wisp Mountain.  The rider has enough time to catch their breath and prepare for the first turn that is just inside the tree line of Chairlift #1.  Skiers, snowboarders and summer chairlift riders will be entertained by coaster-goers on turn #2.  The grade percent increases and the third and final turn, just above Boulder Ski Trail, is the most thrilling turn and brings out smiles, laughs and screams from most riders.  After a few rollers on a straight-away, riders enter the first of two back-to-back corkscrews.  The Mountain Coaster track finishes with more rollers, dips and turns to bring the carts back to the loading area with riders grinning and laughing.


At the end of your Mountain Coaster ride is an automated camera to capture your coaster experience.  Be sure to stop by the photo booth after your ride to view your Mountain Coaster memory! Purchase photos inside the main Mountain Park building or online at

If you purchased a downloadable photo at, have your 16-character photo ID ready.



Mountain Coaster Rates 1-Pack  3-Pack
Single Rider $19 $49
Double Rider $29 $64

Patron Requirements

There are a few height, age and other restrictions to be aware of before going on this ride.

  • To drive the mountain coaster, guests must exhibit the ability to operate the brake levers safely
  • Guests must be at least 54″ tall to ride alone; under 54″ must ride with a supervising companion, age 16+
  • Front riders must be between the ages of 3-12 and 38″ to ride as a passenger with a supervising companion, age 16+
  • Front riders shall not obstruct the driver’s view
  • Combined maximum weight of riders must not exceed 330 lbs. wet conditions and 375 lbs. in dry conditions
  • Patrons must be in good health and free of neck and back injuries, heart conditions, casts, and pregnancy
  • Patrons with handicaps which may inhibit safely operating the sled, may not ride
  • Follow all operator instructions and posted rule signs

View the posted rules here:

Bear Paw Mini-Golf

The new 18-hole miniature golf course at Wisp’s Mountain Park offers 18-holes with two ponds with fountains, a bridge, rock, and log features within the course. The course is located just below the Sprung building at the Mountain Park.


Mini Golf Rates 2024


Club+Ball Rental

Per Golfer $10 $10 (refundable)


Fun for all ages and abilities. ADA accessible.

Scenic Chairlift Rides

Opening May 2024

Take a scenic chairlift rides to the top of the mountain and enjoy breathtaking views of Deep Creek Lake and the surrounding area.  Venture out around the top of the mountain by taking a short hike to the mountaintop recirculating whitewater course.   Return to the base of the resort only by way of the Scenic Chairlift which provides even more spectacular views on the ride down.




Scenic Chairlift Ride Rates 2024


Children (12 & Under) $10
Adult $24
Family of 4 (2 Adults, 2 Children (12 & Under) $59


Hours of operation may vary; please check our Hours of Operation page
Seasonal product available Spring, Summer, and Fall. Prices do not include applicable taxes.


Test your Hunger Game skills or relive those summer camp days with Archery!

Archery is a skill, sport or practice using a bow to propel arrows. Historically, archery originated as a form of hunting and combat however in modern times it is mostly seen in competition and recreational sport. It takes concentration, steadying hands and timed breathing to master the art of archery.  Have a friendly competition among your friends to see who can hit bulls eye!


Rates and Requirements


  • 30 minute session $29
  • Includes introductory instruction, range time, and equipment (bow, arrows, arm guard)


  • 8 years old minimum age
  • Signed waiver. Guests under 18 years of age need a parent or guardian signature

Hours of operation may vary; please check our Hours of Operation page
Seasonal product available Spring, Summer, and Fall. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Disc Golf

Played almost like the game made famous on links, in this version you throw discs into baskets supported by links – chain links that is!  Our family friendly 9-hole course is at the base of the mountain and made for the entire family.  Or in the summertime, try our original 18-hole Mountain Course that includes a scenic chairlift ride to the top of Wisp Mountain where Hole #10 will be waiting. Rental Equipment available.


Disc Golf Rates 2024


9 Holes (No lift – Family Friendly) $19 pp
18 Holes (Lift Access) $19 pp
Rental Discs (3)
$9 per disc deposit, returnable once discs are returned
$5 pp
Season Pass $99 pp

Marsh Mountain Mining Company

The Marsh Mountain Mining Company is designed for ages 2 and up, complete with a sluice and assay station. Miners will receive a bag of ‘Gem Mix’ to sift in the sluice. After their treasures are uncovered, they will evaluate them at the assay station to learn about what they have found.


Marsh Mountain Gem Mining Rates 2024


Pay Dirt Bag $13
Lucky Strike Bag $16
Emerald Strike Bag $19

High-5 Pass

Why choose just one Mountain Park activity when you can enjoy five?! With an almost endless list of activities for the entire family, Wisp’s Mountain Park makes it easy for you and your family to reconnect and experience an active getaway. Mix and match any five High-5 Pass activities.

Includes: Chipmunk Challenge Course or Spider Monkey Adventure Course, Mountain Coaster, Scenic Chairlift Ride, Disc Golf, Gem Mining, or Bear Paw Miniature Golf



High-5 2024


Pass $79


The Squirrels Den Play Area

Wisp understands some little ones may be too little for all the big fun at Wisp Resort.  That’s why we’ve installed a few free fun features for the little adventurers.

A free standing feature that kids can climb, slide and adventure around on.  Adult supervision required. Located beside the Chipmunk Challenge Course.

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