Eco Values + Sustainability

at Wisp Resort

Wisp Resort is committed to the evaluation and protection of our natural resources. We strive to enhance our natural environment and biodiversity by educating our guests and employees about best practices for protecting those resources. Eco Values represents our commitment to having a larger presence, ensuring participation, and educating our stakeholders on Sustainability initiatives at Wisp.

Eco Values

Wisp will utilize the collective participation of its guests and employees to continue developing mindful programs that focus on enhancing the natural environment in which we recreate. The work ensures that each of us remain good stewards to our mountain home.

As we develop new sustainability programs, be on the lookout for the Eco Values logo around property which serves as a call to action to participate in sustainability programs such as waste diversion efforts.


Wisp Resort’s commitment to sustainability begins with supporting collaboration to achieve meaningful goals in sustainability. We want to ensure that Wisp remains a dedicated steward to our community, environment, and business.

Wisp is committed to optimizing its sustainable development. We strive to foster the balance between the environment, operational needs, and support of social systems that surround the resort. We aim to report solutions based on sustainable management systems and technology that positively impact operations for the long-term health of our mountain, community, and environment.

Wisp is dedicated to achieving its sustainability goals and continuing to be a leader in best practices for the industry and our community. We have already made significant strides to increase the efficiency of our operations. Here are a few examples of programs that help to realize our larger goals in sustainability.

  • Continue to report emissions through the NSAA Climate Challenge program and work towards earning Sustainable Slopes badge certifications.
  • Research and implement new sustainability programs and monitoring tools in waste reduction, reducing water consumption, reducing energy use, and increasing transportation efficiency.
  • Develop Eco Values brand presence both online and on property as a call to action for employees and guests to participate in Wisp sustainability programs.
  • Support biodiversity and wildlife at our mountain home by keeping our mountain clean for our local flora and fauna.
  • Continue using our business voice to advocate for a sustainable future.
  • Work towards setting long term sustainability goals and establishing milestones to help us reach those goals.

Current Initiatives

Read about some of our Eco Values and Sustainability initiatives!

  • Golf Course: We will be implementing a new waste management system for our golf course. We will be asking guests to keep their waste with them in their golf carts. Removing waste bins from the course will allow us to better sort guest waste when the golf cart is returned. It will also deter wildlife from rummaging in waste bins and add to the natural appeal of our golf courses.
  • Testing waste sorting methods to ensure we divert as much possible recycling and natural waste away from landfills.
  • Water Bottle Refill Stations: Wisp is installing three new water bottle refill stations for guests and employees to use in our Main Lodge, Sundown Café Yurt, and by the Escape Games. The refill station will feature a display of the number of plastic bottles diverted from landfills as a result of its use. We also will have complimentary cups available for guests that we wash for reuse.
  • Snowmaking Equipment: New fan and stick guns have been installed around the mountain and on several full-length slopes. These new snow guns are more efficient in their use of both energy and water.
  • Water Softening: A new water softening system has been installed at the Lodge at Wisp. This provides quality water to our hotel guests.
  • Lighting: Systematic replacement of old infrastructure with LED lights throughout the property – both indoors and out. Whereby reducing energy use through more efficient lighting technology.
  • Snowmaking Equipment: New fan and stick guns have been installed around the mountain and on several full-length slopes. These new snow guns are more efficient in their use of both energy and water.
  • Refrigerators: Updating old technology uses less resources when refrigeration is required. New refrigerators require less energy.
  • Vehicles: Updates to our operational vehicle fleet have reduced fuel consumption and increased efficiency in operational activities. We have added new vehicles to our truck, Gator/UTV, snowmobile, and grooming fleets.
  • Plant Based Wax: Wisp uses plant based non-flouro base wax in our rental operation. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in ensuring that harmful chemicals are not added to our snow that eventually melts back into Deep Creek Lake.
  • Employee Uniforms: New uniforms for employees ensure that they stay prepared in inclement weather and the guest is accurately able identify what department employees work in. The uniforms being retired are repurposed for use in other countries through a National Ski Area Association partner program.
  • Employee Garden: The Wisp Resort Human Resources department heads up an employee garden where our staff grows produce that they can take home.

Partners + Advocacy

Wisp Resort is dedicated to aligning our beliefs for a sustainable future with both local and national partners who elevate our advocacy efforts. These partners help Wisp to monitor and report on our sustainability program. Sharing best practices and goals with our partners allows Wisp to develop sustainable programs for our business, community, and environment.

  • National Ski Area Association Sustainable Slopes and Climate Challenge: Continued commitment to participate in National ski Areas Association’s Sustainable Slopes and Climate Challenge programs. So far, we have earned the Sustainable Slopes Endorser, Climate Action, and Climate Advocacy Badges.
  • Maryland Green Registry: The Maryland Green Registry is a voluntary program offering tips and resources to help businesses and other organizations set and meet their own goals on the path to sustainability. Wisp joins other leading businesses in Maryland to share best practices and sustainable solutions.
  • Reporting: Provide emissions data to the National Ski Areas Association Climate Challenge Program and produce an annual sustainability report too publicly track towards our sustainability goals.
  • Wisp Resort is proud to join Ceres and the collective voices of businesses and other mountain resort operators in support of strengthening the EPA’s clean power standards through the Clean Air Act Sections 111(b) and (d). This critical letter of support reinforces the ski industry’s commitment to a clean energy future.
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