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Mountain Park Summary

July 12, 2017

Aerial Adventures Open:  3
Mountain Adventures Open:  12
Whitewater & Lake Adventures Open:  4
Golf Courses Open:  2

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Friday, July 07, 2017

NEW for Summer -- ResortBoards

We've added another offering to the already extensive list of activities and adventures at the Mountain Park.  ResortBoards are new for summer 2017 and will be available for Guided Tours or for use on the Terrain Track at the Wisp Mountain Park.  Guided Tours are approximately one hour and the cost is $54 per person while the Terrain Track is a 20 minute experience and the cost is $19 per person.  Guests must be between 100 and 400 pounds to ride a ResortBoard.

ResortBoards are 61” long, 10” high and 22” wide with 4-wheel drive delivered on 5X13” all terrain tires powered by a 50 volt battery with a range of 15 to 18 miles.  These personal electric transportation vehicles are built for off-road conditions with heavy-duty front and back spring brackets, an off-road suspension system and undercarriage protection system that includes gearbox skid cover and protective roller bars.  Described as a cross between a Segway and a Skateboard/Snowboard, ResortBoards have a throttle button to power the vehicle forward while the handlebar along with heal-to-toe movement on the board steer the vehicle. 

When asked why Wisp Resort chose to add ResortBoards to their lineup of activities, General Manager Jerry Geisler answered, “Our team demoed the ResortBoards this spring and determined they would be a nice complement to the Guided Tours because they have a larger carrying capacity, are a bit more rugged and are extremely stable on various terrain.”  

ResortBoard Guided Tours can be booked online or over the phone at 844.259.0267.

Last Edited by The Wisperer on Friday, July 07, 2017

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