Rentals as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Ski + Snowboard Rentals

Wisp provides top-notch rental equipment from our partner Rossignol so you can have the best experience on snow.

How to Rent Equipment
  1. Purchase your ski or snowboard equipment rental online in advance
  2. Arrival + Pickup
    Take your confirmation email to one of the rental shops. There is very limited locker capacity/storage so you should use your car as your home base. Bring a backpack with you to the rental shop so that you can transport your shoes/belongings back to your car after you receive your rentals.

2023-2024 Ski + Snowboard Rental Rates

Ski Rental: Skis, boots, and poles.

Snowboard Rental: Snowboard and boots.

Rental Time Adult + Youth
Adult + Youth
Adult + Youth
All Day Rental $59 $69 $74
$44 $49 $54
Performance / Demo Ski or Snowboard $74 $94 $99
Performance / Demo Ski or Snowboard
$49 $54 $64
Helmet Add On $17 / Day $17 / Day $17 / Day
Rental Equipment Insurance $2.00 $2.00 $2.00

Poles are included for skiers, not snowboarders.

Yes, poles are still included.

No, this is due to the liability that is involved with setting someone else’s ski bindings.


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